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The following practical tips will help you protect your watch from adverse factors in everyday use:

  • Never try to open the watch or remove the case back
  • The watch should be checked at least once a year for resistance to water and dust. If necessary, replacement of the gaskets should be performed only in authorized service centers.
  • Before submerging the watch in water, make sure the crown is in the first position.
  • If water enters the case, bring the watch to an authorized service center as soon as possible.
  • Do not subject the watch to extreme conditions (above 60 degrees Celsius or below -5 degrees Celsius). While the watch is being worn body heat protects it from extreme temperature changes.
  • Do not drop, hit, or strike the watch.
  • Do not fasten the strap too tightly. The watch should be fastened as to allow a finger between the watch strap and arm.
  • The watch should be kept in a dry place.
  • Prevent the watch from being exposed to gasoline, cleaning supplies, aerosols, paints, etc, as they may react with it and damage the gaskets, case and/or its coating.
  • The sapphire crystal has a special anti-scratch coating but can crack if struck or dropped.
  • Store the watch away from jewelry, as diamonds can scratch the crystal.
  • Store the watch in a separate box lined with soft fabric.



If it is necessary to service the watch or cause a malfunction in its operation, you can contact one of the authorized service centers or directly to our factory, and we will make every effort to assist in resolving any problem.


The warranty covers only those watches sold by authorized dealers.

Warranty lasts for 2 years from date of purchase. The warranty covers material and assembly defects. In the event of a problem falling under the conditions of the warranty the manufacturer will repair the defect at no cost to the consumer. If a repair is impossible, the manufacturer will replace the watch with an identical one, or one with the same characteristics. Repairs should take place only in authorized centers. To find an authorized service center, contact your local retailer.


Warranty does not cover:

  • Crystal and strap
  • Problems arising from use of the watch (scratches on the crystal, color changes of non-metallic straps and bracelets etc)
  • Any damage caused from improper use of the watch, lack of maintenance or mishandling (scratches, cracks, dents, etc)
  • Any unauthorized attempts to repair the watch and/or change the appearance or construction of the watch
  • Water damage caused from improper use of the crown


1. I have old (pocket, table) watch/clock manufactured by Molnija. It’s very precious thing for me and I would like to know more about it. Can I find out how many watches/clocks like this have been produced? What is the exact year of production?

Chelyabinsk watch and clock factory MOLNIJA produced about a million household hours a year in Soviet times from 50 to 80-90. Unfortunately, the documentation on the numbers of the movements and the release dates were not preserved at the factory. You can send us an e-mail photo of the watch and the movement with the back cover open to determine the approximate dates of the watch. For pocket watches with a 3602, 3603 caliber, a guide to Molnija movements was compiled by users of the Russian watch forum. If you wish, you can compare your movement with the descriptions in this guide (it is in Russian language).

2. Can I buy spare parts for 3602/3603 caliber?

At this time, the details of the 3602/3603 movements are not supplied separately, as there is no such technical possibility.

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